J. Michael Norton



Born in 1952 I moved to Holliston in 1958 and attended our school system from first grade through Graduation in 1970.  Thus, while not a native son, I was raised in the small rural town of Holliston.  Through the quality education received in the Holliston School system I was able to earn a nomination to the United States Naval Academy.  In 1970 during the Vietnam War, I received an education afforded by the United States government for the purpose of becoming a Naval Officer.


Following my military service I returned to the area and began a career and a family life with a Holliston hometown girl.  While married I became the proud father of four daughters all of whom have college educations.  Three have advanced degrees, one is an MD and all four are gainfully employed and happily married.


During my recent employment at Baystate Investment Advisors, a company that I founded in 1984, I was retained by a Holliston client that drew me into a substantial real estate development project.  That project allowed me to return to Holliston where I will hopefully culminate my career with a politically active participation in Holliston government while I contribute substantially to the economic development of the Town. (See Green View Realty page)


After my intensive high stress professional career I have decided to work in the career field of my life's desire. In the Fall of my Life I will experience the dream that I sought as a young man, that of a Sailor. Before I approach the sunset of my life I would like to Cruise the Eastern Coast of the United States. (See Sailing Resume Page)