J. Michael Norton

Please excerise your right to vote!.  Election day is May 24 2011

Open Letter to Holliston Residents


I gave thought to many comments on the potential for conflict of interest issue over my project Cedar Ridge Estates and the Town of Holliston. I have a well thought out response, however, in short, there is very little left for the Town of Holliston to determine and the Selectmen will not likely be voting on issues involving the permitting of my project that is now in the hands of the Massachusetts Courts. While the Town is still litigating the MA Housing Appeals Committee and Superior Court decision on the project permitting, the record and arguments will have been made by all parties by the time of the election. In the unlikely event that the court remands the case back to the Housing Appeals Committee I certainly would recuse myself from any conflict of interest issues if they were to occur.


I would certainly not run for such an important public office on one issue and certainly not a conflict of interest issue. Quite intuitively it takes the vote of two Selectmen to execute a decision of the Selectmen’s Office and self dealing would only be too obvious. Election to a public office carries certain ethical requirements that I am well aware of.


The Cedar Ridge project, if undertaken, will of course be subject to the By Laws and regulations established by the Town and if I were still involved in the ownership or control of the project I would hold myself to the highest level of compliance as an officer of the Town and a Developer working within the town. My intent to hold office is certainly not to gain leverage to circumvent or mitigate any applicable By Law or Regulation of the Town.


My desire to run for this office is a life long goal as I have deep roots and loyalty to the Town having been educated in all grades by the Holliston School system and left Town with accolades. I grew up in this town and my family is also well entrenched in the fabric of Holliston. I think that I can contribute to the ethical and congruent leadership that needs to return to Town Government.


I want to bring Holliston back to it’s core values, that of a rural farming and agricultural community, but with eye toward modern economic theory utilizing community growth and business development supported from within the Town but also attracting capital investment from outside of the Town. In a sense, to expand the economy of the town through the attraction and development of commerce that will contribute to the economy of the Town.


I bring 30 years of business operations experience as well as 2 years Finance Committee experience for the Town of Medway and as an elected official in the Town of Ashland as Park Commissioner. I earned a Bachelors Degree in Economics and an Associates Degree in Accounting from Bentley College and have practiced in the Financial Services Industry as a CFP Financial Planner, Registered Representative, Insurance Advisor and Tax Preparer for over 30 years.


I thank you for the trust and confidence you have placed with me.





J. Michael Norton

Candidate for Selectman